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A few lucky people got a sneak peak at our prototype recently. Here's what they had to say about it:
I think this is a great idea! Particularly the part about combining different recipes to give a general how-to guide when approaching a dish.
The website looks so clean and fresh compared to all other recipe sites.
This is so awesome. I think beginners and experts would enjoy this. I'm not a beginner and I love it! Keep it up.
Fun! What a cool concept and appealing design.
I like the very simplifed workflow with the visual aids.
It looks really slick! I think it would be a great teaching tool.
Simple, organized and easy-to-follow visual recipes.
Save on carefully selected wholesome foods that we've personally tested.
Enjoy carefully selected music that goes along with the cooking or the meal.
Quickly drill down to just the right recipe without having to look through hundreds of them.
Quick ingredient substitutions that won't ruin your recipe.

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