Are your grocery bills sky high?

Do you wish your local food store had better and cheaper choices?

You deserve better!

We were in a similar situation. After hurricane Sandy left us homeless, we decided to move to the tropics and spend the winter there.

We found ourselves without the abundance of food choices we had in New York but the prices were the same, so we had to get creative. We were also aiming to eat healthier and save money at the same time. So we crunched some numbers and realized that ordering online is easier and cheaper.

Now, don't think us crazy. We weren't going to start buying milk and eggs online, but there are plenty of other items around the kitchen that can be bought online and shipped. The quality of the products is also better than anything we could find in the local stores. We found that even though there are only two of us, buying online, and in bulk, makes more sense than buying in the store.

Take spices as an example. You go to the grocery store and get a small vial for a few dollars. Buy certain brand names and it will cost you even more. On the other hand, you could shop online and get 1lb of basil for example, for $15. And it’s organic on top of that! So to recap:

shop at the
local store
buy our online
1oz for $3
1lb (16oz) for $15

Get the picture? The local store is charging you over 300%! So shop online. Big savings, healthier food! It’s a double win. Take a look for yourself: basil on Amazon.

As you can see, you need to do this immediately. Every moment you wait, you’re wasting money and missing out on healthier food options.

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